Student Get Student Scheme

This scheme is open to all Current International students at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia who refer a new full-time International student to us. You will be rewarded MYR 1,000.

Terms and Conditions


Applicable for current international student


Applies to programs beginning in the coming academic intake


Limited to nine (9) referees per semester


Any student who exist in our data base or student who have deferred enrolment is not CATEGORISED AS prospect student


UTM Graduated or Applicants who received offer letter for coming academic intake is not eligible to apply for this scheme


SGS Scheme is only applicable to fresh or new student who has not studied in or introduced to UTM

How to Apply?

Apply Online

  • Referral must do online application on behalf of refferee at SMART System
  • Referral must completely fill up personal details on Student – Get – Student Scheme (SGSS) section
  • Referral must print and submit the application copy to Student Recruitment & Admission Division (SRAD) counter to process

Admission Acceptance

  • Referral must assist referee during the registration day
  • Referral must submit copy of  first semester tiution fees to Student Recruitment & Admission Division (SRAD) within 1 month after registration
  • Referee will be interviewed by Student Recruitment & Admission Division (SRAD)

Payment Process

  • Student Recruitment & Admission Division (SRAD) will issuing the approval letter and submit to UTM Bursary office for payment process
  • The commission will only be paid once the referee has registered and paid in full the tuition fees for the first semester as required by each programme
  • All commission submitted by students will be subjected to verification and Student Recruitment & Admission Division (SRAD) shall reject any claims found to have false information

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