Architectural History and Theory 
Architectural Management
Architectural and Human Behaviour
• Children’s Environment
• Climatic Mapping
Environmental Engineering & Architectural Sciences
• Landscape Architecture

Landscape Ecology
Landscape Resources Planning
Passive Architecture 
• Urban Design
Urban Greening 
• Vernacular Architecture
• Vertical Green System


Landscape Architecture
Children’s Environment
Community Landscape Planning
Cultural Landscape 
• Environmental Psychology
Green Technology
• Historical and Heritage Landscape
• Islamic Built Environtment & Islamic Studies
• Landscape and Climate Research
Landscape Architecture 
Landscape Assessment
• Landscape Ecology & Urban Ecology
Landscape Professional Practice
Landscape Resources Planning
• Landscape Visualisation
• Urban Greening
• Urban Landscape Design
Quantity Surveying
Building Information Modelling 
Building Services
Construction Economics and Cost Management
• Construction Health and Safety
Construction Law and Contract 
• Cost Estimating
• Facilities Management
ICT in Construction
• Life Cycle Costing
• Plant and Site Management
Sustainable Construction
• Construction Technology and Management
• Dispute Resolution and Adjudication
Urban and Regional Planning
Climate Change 
Environmental Planning
Geographic Information System
• Housing and Community Planning 
Low Carbon Society/City
• Regional Planning 
• Remote Sensing Application
• Rural Planning 
• Spatial Analysis for Social Issues
• Spatial Modelling
• Tourism Planning 
• Urban Design
• Urban Development and Management
• Urban Morphology
Transport Planning
Airport Planning Management
Freight Transport
Highway Planning
• Logistic & Physical Distribution Management
• Port Planning and Cargo Handling 
• Public Transport Operations
Public Transport Planning & Management 
Regional Transportaion Planning 
• Traffic Engineering and Management
Transport and the Environment
• Transport Economics
• Transport Policy
Transportation Models
• Urban Transport and Modelling 
Geoinformation and Real Estate
Facilities Management
• Geoinformatics
• Geomatics Engineering
• Land Administration and Development 
• Real Estate 
• Remote Sensing 
Public Transport Planning & Management 
Regional Trnasportation Planning 
• Traffic Engineering and Management
Transport and the Environment
Transport Economic
• Transport Policy 
Transportion Models
• Urban Transport and Modelling