Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)


1.Where is UTM situated?

UTM have 2 campus in  Johor Bahru & Kuala Lumpur. The main campus is in Johor Bahru (the southern most state of Malaysia) and about 300 km south of Kuala Lumpur.  UTM Kuala Lumpur Campus is located in centered of Kuala Lumpur City (5km from KLCC). Both campus  conveniently accessible by all forms of ground and air transportation.

2. How are courses assessed?

Your course will be constructed of modules. Each module has its own assessment. This can be an examination or an essay or dissertation. There can also be continuous assessment. The precise type of assessment and its contribution to the course is clear in the course regulations.

3. What are the admission requirements for Undergraduate International Students?

A Bachelor’s Degree Programme requires a good “Advanced Level” in General Certificate of Education or equivalent. While a Masters and Doctorate Programme require a good Bachelor and good Master’s Degree from an internationally recognized university, respectively.

4. What do I have to do to get my foreign diploma/degree recognized by UTM?

We require that candidate to submit an academic transcript of his/her qualification/certificate endorsed by the respective school/university. Foreign diplomas and degrees will be evaluated by the respective faculty’s admission committee.

5. What kind of accommodation facilities do you have for single and/or married students?

There are 11 residential colleges which can accommodate about 17,000 students. Married house/ apartment although more limited in numbers are available for postgraduates student who wish to bring along their family. Students are advised to contact the Student Affairs Department for more information.

6. What other social and recreational amenities available in and outside the campus?

UTM has many sports and recreational facilities, both indoors and outdoors such as soccer stadium, hockey, tennis, cricket, equestrian, kayaking, badminton, and Olympic sized swimming pool. These facilities will be supplemented by some public and privately funded facilities available outside the campus. Students are encouraged to join the many student clubs and social activities in the campus. The sports unit is available to help organize and oversee sports functions and competitions.

7. What are the programme offered in UTM?

UTM offers various programmes from undergraduate to postgraduate level as listed in our official website

8. What are the entry requirements for the programme offered?

Entry requirements for each programmes can is different. Kindly  visit our official website for further information.

9. What is the method of application?

Our method of application is through online 

10. How much is the tuition fees and when can be paid?

 Registration fees and tuition for new student can be differ an it must be paid before or during registration date.

11. How can I get the latest english requirements?

 Candidates can get the information regarding english requirement through our website

 12. How many semester / intake does UTM have?

Two (2) semester / intake in a year. (February and September)

13. How can I know that I accepted to UTM?

Every online application will be processed within 5 working days  for evaluation and only successful applicants will be offered to study at UTM.  All sucessful applicant will receive the offer letter trough email.

14. How often do I need to pay the tuition fees?

The payment can be made by semester. Student can refer to the official offer letter to see the clear table of tuition fees.

15. How much processing fees should I pay for an application? How can I pay? 

The application fee is RM80.00 per application for Malaysian students and RM450.00 for International. It should be paid using FPX, Credit/Debit card, and Flywire before submitting your application.   

16. If my application is been rejected, how do I know the reason of the rejection?

 If your application is rejected and want to know the reason, kindly email to or 

17. May I appeal my unsuccessful application?

Yes. You may appeal your application by sending an email to or with complete justifications and attachments. 




1. What is the main determinant of the Weekend Program Fees?
The fees for the program are based on the number of the students enrolled in the particular program. Generally, the fees will be lower if the student’s number is bigger. Other factors, such as the rental cost for the infrastructure, study mode, and the number of supervisions for the project/theses.

2. Are there any financial assistants for Weekend Programs students?
UTM does not provide financial assistants for part-time students. Nevertheless, agencies such as PTPTN and State Government may provide some scholarships or financial loan for graduate students. Students will have to apply directly to these agencies.

3. What are the payment methods?
The information regarding payment methods is provided along with the offer letter.

4. What is the consequence (s) of not paying the fees?
SPS provides the students with flexible installment schedule, which enable them to settle their fees throughout the semesters according to their financial capability. However, failure to adhere to the schedules may result in difficulty to register courses or being barred from sitting in the examination or their results cannot be released d, and would not be able to graduate on time until the outstanding amount being settled.

5. Can the fees be reimbursed in case of failure in study?
The fees already paid will not be reimbursed in case of students fail the courses/program. Students may apply to repeat the course or programme re-registration (whichever applicable) depending on provisions provided in the graduate rules and regulation. In case of program re-registration, the fees will have to be recalculated and students will have to pay again full fees based on the current rates.

The  program students are given a 2-year study package for master level. If the study duration exceeds the maximum duration provided for the package, students may continue (depending on the programme’s availability) but will have to pay extra for additional semester(s) involved. Other than that, charges (per credit registered) will also apply in case of repeating the course (either in or outside the package) as regulated by the UTM Bursar.

6. Do the students need to go to UTM Campus?
The learning activities for the External Program are conducted at the learning centers, including the lectures and theses/project supervisions. However, students can also access references such as journals and articles related to their fields through the UTM Library databases. Nevertheless, students are encouraged to visit UTM Campuses at their convenience for any particular reason.(make sure you bring your students matriculation card for identification purpose).

7. Where are the lectures conducted?
The lectures are conducted at selected learning centers throughout Malaysia (including Penang, Sabah and Sarawak). The selections of these centers are based on demand or suggestion from candidates of that location, the number of students at that particular location, the rental cost, and other strategic reasons.

8. When are the lectures being held? How many credit hours?
The lectures for the programs are conducted during weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). The number of lecture hours for 3-credits course are 42 hours, while for 4-credits course the lecture hours are 56.9.

9. Where can I get the lecture schedule?
The lecture schedule for a particular semester is prepared by the Coordinator of that particular programme, at the beginning of the semester. Students may contact him/her directly to obtain the schedule and related information pertaining to the programme.

10. Do I have to attend all the lectures?
Students must attend at least 80% of the lecture meetings. This is essential to ensure students have received adequate knowledge and exposures, before sitting for the final exam. In case of non compliance of this attendance requirement, students will be barred from sitting in the final examination.

11. What needs to be done if I cannot attend the lectures?
Students will have to inform the lecturer in case of absence. If the attendance are lower than the 80% requirement, student can discuss with the lecturer through the selected leader of the students group. Normally, the lecturers will try their best to accommodate students’ needs and come out with the best solution to resolve the issue.

12. International student can apply weekend class?

Yes if have the working pass for category 1 and 2.

13. How long the offer letter will be processed?

When the approval of application is achieved 15 students, the faculty will run the class. If not, you can change to another programmes or wait until 15 students. May contact with postgraduate intake regarding this.


1.  What is ODL?

Online  distance learning is the programmes that offered flexibility of studying from anywhere and at any time over the internet and is open for local and international students. For more information about ODL may refer here


  1. May refer all updates about visa for international student