Applied Mechanics & Design
Adaptive Control and Intelligent System
Computational Solid Mechanics
Applied Mechanics & Composite Structures
Control & Mechatronics
Artificial Intelligence
Elasticity & Plasticity
Automatic Control & System Engineering
Embedded And Control System
Automotive Systems Engineering
Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
• Biomechanics
• Biomedical Engineering
• Functional Control Systems
• CAD & Virtual Reality
• Guided Wave & Acoustic
• Composite Structure & Ballistic Impact
• Impact Properties of Composite Material Industrial Design
• Structural Dynamic
• Structural Impact & Crashworthiness
• Structural Mechanics


Thin-Walled and Polymeric Materials
Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
Hull-Riser-Mooring Coupled Dynamics
Internal Combustion Engines
Low Emission Combustor
Marine Active Control
Marine Environment & Renewable Energy
Marine Safety and Environment
Marine Transport and Management
Mega-Float Design & System Modelling
Rocket Propulsion
Ship Dynamics
Smart Offshore Structure
Stability & Design
Instrumentation & Measurement
• Instrumentation and Control
• Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
• Mechatronic and Instrumentation Plates
• Porous Structures
• Reliability & Engineering Design
• Shells & Pressure Vessels
• Structural Vibration and Condition Monitoring

Automotive, Aeronautic & Offshore
Advanced Ice-Ship
Airspace Safety Monitoring System
Automotive Tribology
Avionics and Antennae
Biofuel and Multiphase Flow
Brake Design & Safety
CFO & Combustion
Combustion Technology
• Computer Vision
• Contact Mechanics
• Biomedical Engineering
• Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Engine Air Management
Ethnographic Factors in Fishing Boat Design
Fem & Model Updating
Flight Guidance and Control
Flight Simulation
Helicopter Technology and Aircraft Structures
Tunnel Testing
Turbomachinery & Aeroacoustics
Unsteady Aerodynamics
Vehicle Powertrain
Vehicle Stability and Control Wind
Vehicle Dynamics and Control
Vortex Induced Vibration
Wave Structure Interaction

Materials, Manufacturing & Industry
Advanced Manufacturing Process
Advanced Materials
Automation in Manufacturing
Carbon Nanomaterials
Ceramics and Composites
Ceramics Coating
Solder Metallurgy Technology
Solid State Kinetics
• Tribology

Supply Chain Management
Surface Coating
Surface Treatment & Industrial Engineering
Surface Engineering & Composites Machining
Sustainable Product Design
System Dynamic Modelling
Tern Operations and Characterisation
Virtual Manufacturing Work Design
Structural Dynamics
Subsea & Offshore Engineering System Energy / Waste Heat    Recovery

Advanced Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning System
Applied Mathematics in MechanicalEngineering
Combustion Energy & Advanced Heat
Compressible Flow

Fluid Dynamics
Fuel and Energy
Sustainable Energy Technology Thermofluids Measurement and Diagnostics Energy Management